Consciousness – Psychotherapeutic, Creative and Meditative Forms of Consciousness (2019)

The human consciousness contains inexhaustible potentials and resources, and we use only a fraction of them. Not only our thoughts but also our feelings, inner images and bodily experiences offers knowledge about our psychic and personality as a whole.

In Consciousness, Ole Vedfelt guides the reader on a journey through the cultures, psychotherapies and the meditation traditions multiple and wondrous consciousness landscapes. Based on many years of research and experience as a psychoanalyst and psychotherapist, he proposes a new theory of the bodily, psychological and spiritual levels of consciousness. With a wealth of practical examples, he describes the complex interplay between the many states and levels of consciousness and reveals the incredible riches of our mind.

Consciousness covers areas of interest that cut across many of our usual divisions of the subject. What is decisive is not the reader’s educational level, but the readiness to be open to other ways of experiencing and other forms of consciousness than our culture normally takes for granted. If these preconditions are fulfilled, the book will prove relevant to people interested in psychotherapy, illness and health, body and soul, creativity and meditation. The book can be read with profit by both the general reader and the professional helper and researcher.

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