Unconscious Intelligence – You know more than you think (2018)

There is an intelligence in the unconscious, which is superior to consciousness. It shapes our actions, the interplay with others, and our fundamental experience of reality.

In Ole Vedfelt’s new theory the unconscious is described as a self-organizing system with healing potentials, capable of problem solving, long term planning and with an inexhaustible memory. Unconscious intelligence shows itself in unconscious communication and subliminal perception, in body language and body feelings, in imagery, inspiration, intuitive knowledge, introspection, and dreams.

Unconscious Intelligence is based on comprehensive research and clinical experience from modern psychotherapy, meditation, experimental psychology, and cybernetics. By a wealth of practical examples it is illustrated how unconscious resources can be utilized effectively in psychotherapy, counselling, teaching, and everyday life.

You perceive far more with the unconscious than with your consciousness, and you know more than you think.

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